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PUR, the Plant Physiology Department at the University of Rostock, is the leading center of Molecular Plant Sciences in Germany's Northeast.

Our scientific research focusses on the metabolic process of photorespiration, which enables plants and photosynthetic microorganisms to live in oxygen-containing environments. We teach BSc and MSc students Molecular Plant Biology including Molecular Ecophysiology and Gene Technology.

Zentrale Klausureinsicht Pflanzenphysiologie

Am Dienstag, den 29.05.2018 besteht die Möglichkeit, die Klausuren der letzten Prüfungsperiode einzusehen. Interessierte Studenten tragen sich bitte bis zum 25.05.2018 in die Listen an der Tür zum Sekretariat Pflanzenphysiologie ein.

Ort: Hörsaal 001, Hans Spemann

Zeit: Grundlagen der Pflanzenphysiologie: 13.00 Uhr, 29.05.2018

Zeit: Angewandte Pflanzenphysiologie: 13.30 Uhr, 29.05.2018

Zeit: Einführung in die Gentechnik: 14.00 Uhr, 29.05.2018



+++ Aktuelles +++

Praktikum Gentechnik

Aktuelle Methoden für den diesjährigen Durchgang (Downloadbereich: Modul B26 - Praktikumsskripte)

Praktikum Pflanzephysiologie

Aktuelle Vorschriften für den diesjährigen Durchgang (Downloadbereich: Modul 10b - Praktikumsskripte)

+++ Open Positions and Student Short-Term Jobs +++

There is currently no vacant position in the Department

If you are interested in gaining experience as an undergraduate intern or as a Diploma student, please familiarize yourself first with our work through these web pages, then contact us.

If you are interested in joining the department as a PhD student, you are welcome to come along and scout for existing possibilities.

Prospective postdocs should already have demonstrated excellence in their scientific careers, evidenced by publications in international, peer-reviewed journals. They are expected to write a first grant proposal within five month of arrival.

If you are a foreign student interested in joining us for a while, you are welcome to send your c.v. While we cannot promise funding, we can try to assist in finding financial support. We generally do not consider generic inquiries. Rather, we expect that you have read about our research, and that you have specific projects in mind when applying.